JCMS:-Jois Construction Management System-:

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Program/Project Management

  • Organize & Manage a Fully Functional Project Management Organization
  • Establish Project Management Standards & Procedures
  • Develop Project Management Plan (PMP)
  • Develop EPS, WBS, OBS and Cost Account
  • Design & Implement Project Control System
  • Develop Project Cost Estimate and Monitor Budget
  • Develop & Implement Cost Control System
  • Develop & Implement Risk Management System
  • Develop & Implement QA/QC Management System
  • Develop & Implement Safety Management System
  • Design & Implement Electronic Document Control System (EDMS)
  • Implement Change Management Process
  • Implement Progress Payment Certification
  • Develop Standard Schedule, Resource & Cost Reports Provide Training to Various Levels PM/CM Staff

Time/Cost/Resource/Earned Value Management

Cost & Resource Loaded CPM Schedules

  • Develop Enterprise Project Control Requirements
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Dashboards
  • Develop Scheduling Specifications
  • Develop, Monitor and Maintain:
      Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)
      Design Schedules
      Pre-bid Schedules
      Detailed Resource & Cost Loaded CPM Schedules
  • Develop and Monitor Prepare Cash Flow Analysis and Resource Usage Plan
  • Perform Resource Leveling and Analysis
  • Review, Analyze and Comment on Contractors Schedules
  • Monitor Project Progress
  • Document and incorporate Changes and Change Orders

Cost / Resource Control

  • Develop Overall Cost Control System
  • Monitor WBS and/or Activity Level:
      Actual to Date
      Actual This Period
      Estimate to Complete (ETC)
      Estimate at Completion (EAC)
  • Interface With Change Management System
  • Develop Progress Payment Process Addressing:
    • Budget Amount
      Approved Change Orders
      Potential Change Orders
      Revised Budget
      Work Completed To Date
      Work Completed This Period
      Percent Complete
      Approved for Payment
      Balance Remaining

Earned Value Management

  • Develop EPS, WBS, OBS and Cost Account System
  • Establish Cost/Resource and Schedule Baseline
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Establish Process for Accruing Actual Cost/Resources (AV)
  • Periodically Determine Planned Value (PV) and Earned Value (EV)
  • Calculate Schedule and Cost Performance Indices and Variances (SPI, CPI, SV and CV)
  • Establish Methodology for Calculating Estimate to Complete (ETC), Estimate at Completion (EAC), Variance at Completion and Budget at Completion
  • Establish Variance Reporting Thresholds
  • Standardize Monthly Earned Value Management Reporting by Exception

Cost Estimating & Budget Management

Pre-Bid (Design Phase)

  • Analyze Program/Project Scope
  • Establish WBS and Cost Estimate Structure and Organization
  • Coordinate With Client, A/E Consultants and Govt. Agencies
  • Develop Order Of Magnitude (OOM) Estimate During Feasibility Studies
  • Make Recommendations for Bid Packaging
  • Develop Schematic, Conceptual, Preliminary and Final Design Estimate
  • Assist in Establishing Budget
  • Liaison with Material and Equipment Vendors
  • Develop Labor Requirements & Productivity Rates
  • Perform Alternatives Analysis
  • Perform Market Analysis (Bidding Climate)
  • Perform Labor/Material/Equipment Availability Analysis
  • Perform Escalation and Contingency Factor Analysis/Study
  • Perform Value Engineering Study/Analysis
  • Develop Construction Phasing Plan


  • Assist in Bid Evaluation, Analysis & Reconciliation
  • Make Recommendations for Award


  • Perform Quantity Surveying (Quantity Measurement)
  • Make Payment Recommendations
  • Evaluate Contractor submitted Change Order Estimates and/or Prepare Independent Estimates
  • Assist in Negotiation

EDMS & Online Collaboration

JCMS has extensive experience in the setup, implementation and management of Electronic Document Management System, which serves as the hub of the web-based collaboration tool ensuring data security and integrity. The EDMS controls work flow of various construction management processes including Submittal/Approval Process, RFI Process, Change Management Process, Meeting Minutes, correspondence, Daily Inspection Reports, Non-Compliance Reports, etc. in conjunction with web based Collaboration Software.

  • Customize EDMS and Standardize Reports
  • Develop numbering scheme for Work Flow Management
  • Storing and Retrieval of Project Documents/Data
  • Design and Implementation of On-Line Collaboration Among Team Members
  • Project Website Management
  • Correspondences (Sent/Received)
  • Design/Working Drawing Submittal/Approval Tracking and Monitoring
  • Request for Information (RFI) Tracking and Monitoring
  • Change Management Process
  • Progress Payment Process
  • Budget and cost control
  • Daily Construction Inspection Reports
  • Non-Compliance Reports
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Open Item Tracking and Monitoring
  • Document Linking
  • Form (Dunning) letters

Claims Management

JCMS also has extensive experience in analyzing delay claim situations and providing expert recommendations. We have prepared Time-Impact and Window Analysis based on in-depth review of planned or unforeseen events/issues and changes in the project and determine their impact on project completion. JCMS has also reviewed delay analysis prepared by others and provided Expert Witness Testimony.

Highlights of Claims Analysis Include:

  • Document Research & Discovery
  • Development/Analysis of As-Planned and As-Built Schedules
  • Issue Analysis
  • Delay/Acceleration Analysis
  • Time-Impact and/or Window Analysis
  • “Cost of Delay” Analysis/Financial Damages Calculation
  • Narrative and Graphic Reports
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Cost/Schedule Risk Management

  • Establish Risk Management Plan
  • Conduct Risk Workshop and Identify Schedule, Cost and Performance Risks
  • Develop Probabilistic Schedule with 3-point Duration
  • Develop Risk Register and Probability & Impact Score
  • Perform Qualitative and Quantitative Cost/Schedule Risk Analysis
  • Develop Cost and Schedule Risk Models and Perform Monti Carlo Simulation
  • Develop Risk Based Goals
  • Perform Risk Based Contingency Analysis
  • Develop Risk Mitigation Plan
  • Identify Risk Contributors, Assess Criticality, Recommend mitigation methods
  • Develop Risk Response Plan, Control Points and Assign Responsibility for mitigation
  • Continuous Involvement Including Maintaining (Updating) Risk Register, Risk Impacted Schedule and Budget, and Updated Mitigation Plans With Periodical Forecasts for Upper Management Review

Construction Management

Pre Construction

  • Develop Project Management Plan (PMP)
  • Develop Design Management Plan
  • Assist in Bid Packaging
  • Prepare Construction Cost Estimate (CCE)
  • Perform Value Engineering (VE)
  • Prepare Construction Logistics/Phasing Plan


  • Assist in Developing General and Special Conditions
  • Conduct Market Research and Contractor Reach-out
  • Develop Pre-qualification Criteria
  • Assist in Contractor Prequalification
  • Assist During Bid Period (Pre-Bid Meeting, Addenda, Corrigendum, etc.)
  • Assist in Bid Tabulation and Evaluation
  • Make Recommendations for Award
  • Issue Notice Proceed


  • Manage a Fully Staffed Field Office
  • Conduct Progress Meetings
  • Develop and Manage QA/QC Plan
  • Develop Site Safety Guidelines
  • Perform Independent Safety Monitoring
  • Perform Resident Engineering & QA/QC Inspections
  • Design and Implement Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)
  • Coordinate and Manage QC Testing Agencies
  • Manage Submittal/Approval Process
  • Manage Contractors Project Schedule
  • Liaison Between Client/Sponsor/Employer, A/E, Government Agencies and Contractor(s)
  • Perform Quantity Surveying
  • Review/Approve Progress Payment
  • Manage RFIs and variations
  • Implement Change Management System
  • Develop and Implement Cost, Schedule, Quality and Safety Reporting System
  • Implement Daily Construction Report
  • Develop Claims Mitigation Plan
  • Manage Non-Compliance Items (Issue NCRs)
  • Manage Punch List (Snag) Items
  • Manage Project Close-out

Commissioning & Close-out

  • Retain an Independent Commissioning Agent
  • Manage Commissioning related Activities During Construction
  • Coordinate and Witness Pre-Commissioning Testing
  • Coordinate Equipment/Facility Training Program
  • Secure As-Built Drawings
  • Secure all O&M and Training Manuals
  • Coordinate Final Commissioning
  • Secure all Close-out Documents and Lien Releases
  • Secure all Guarantees and Warrantees
  • Make Recommendations for Release of Retainage/Security/Final Payment

PM / CM Training

JCMS provides training in following areas.

Project Management

  • 2 Day Basic Project Management Training
  • 3 Day Oracle Primavera P6 Training
  • 1 Day Advanced Primavera P6 Training
  • 2 Day Earned Value Analysis & Performance Measurement Training
  • 2 Day Oracle Primavera Contract Manager (Document Control) Software Training

Construction Management

  • 2 Day Training in Construction Field Management
  • 1 Day Training in Planning & Scheduling using CPM
  • 2 Day Training in Fundamentals of Cost Estimating
  • 1 Day Training in Change Order Estimating
  • 1 Day Training in Reviewing and Analyzing Contractors Baseline and Monthly Updated Schedules
  • 1 Day Training in Delay Analysis and Time-Extension Requests

Cost & Schedule Risk

  • 2 Day Training in Construction Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis